Casual Floral Dress — Blue Flower

We understood us immediately without talking I think and he was always up for a Chiffon Long Sleeve Floral Print Dress anytime. He is a hard worker and very natural intuitive actor. I think local Greek producer Elektra Apostolaki together with Marcos Santana and Marianna Iskandarani from Telemundo, and Monica Vizzi from Argos TV did an amazing job. Anyway, the cast of El senor de los Cielos 7 is just amazing. Have a look at a compilation of a cast with most renown excellent actors from Mexico, Colombia, Cuba and USA. You will see incredible inspired acting, perfect direction of the many directors as Mauricio Corredor (who shot in Greece), Sergio Osorio (Colombia), Jorge Rios (Mexico), and others and the fierce crew we had together with great photography. Oh I really miss all my co-workers and being on set. I have such great respect for all the work behind the lens and production of such a series as produced by producer Marcos Santana. It is a titanic undertaking but he made history with making a TV series like #ELSEÑORDELOSCIELOS 7 known all over the world.

MODE – Giannis: You play the role of a spy, Nicos, that is married to Blue Backless Sundress with a daughter Irene (Christina Sotiriou). How did you land this important role in this series and how do you think it has it impacted your career path?
Giannis: This was my first International job and it was a great experience for me. I had to learn Spanish fast and speak English, Spanish and Greek but mostly Spanish. So in the beginning it was difficult but as soon as I got to Mexico it was much easier to learn because everyone was speaking Spanish.
I tried being focused on my role to give the best of me, and this path elevated my psychology and opened new horizons and I saw that new international productions can trust me. After one month of finishing shooting with El Senor I booked my 2nd international job which lasted for 3 months in Iran and that gave me a big boost.Casual Floral Dress — Blue Flower

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