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When we were speaking with Athina about her visit to Greece for the cover photoshoot she said that you were quite the celebrity. How does it feel to be recognized as a celebrity when going about doing your day to day Coffee Long Sleeve T-Shirt Dresses?
Giannis: It’s a very nice feeling to be recognized in your country, to be loved by people and having them talk to me in the street, but I try to not be trapped by this image and not lose my spontaneity. In general, when I wake up in my everyday life I am Giannis.

You wear many hats with your work as Ambassador of Miami Symphony Orchestra, with your acting, and as well as your modeling career. How do you manage to juggle them all and how do you find the time to even do half of the things you do?
Athina: Oh I do not have children…hahahaha.. only two Chihuahuas. Well, it is all about organizing your life very well. Having discipline and an understanding husband who is in the same line is a great plus. I am lucky that I have such a partner. Eduardo, my husband, is the conductor of the Miami Symphony and I love to work with him on stage and behind, as an ambassador or helping out with all the many events. We support each other very much. He is my muse and I am his and this gives us lots of energy to make happen any project. When I filmed the TV series Lord of the Skies 7 in Mexico and Greece he accompanied me all the time. As an artist himself, Maestro, and big motivator of new talent, he Black Floral Chiffon Dress Ruffle Sleeve my artistic needs. He met me like this, as a model and actress, and I met him as a Maestro. We admire each other and organize our lives together so we can accomplish every year our dreams.

MODE – Athina: You have started using social media quite a bit more since the coronavirus pandemic than you used to. What have you learnt about how to make the most of social media since you started focusing on Casual Butterfly Sleeve High Waist Chiffon Chic Dress and how much time do you find you are dedicating to it for promoting your various activities?
Athina: Social media is everything right now. Through the pandemic it was an important tool specially for us artists. Thanks to it we could keep on connecting to our audience. Miami Symphony does digital concerts for free on YouTube almost every 10 days and people love them.

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