Sexy One Shoulder Ruffle Evening Party Dress — Burgundy

Athina: Really it was a such rewarding experience doing this photo shoot in this amazing real setting and even more in those intense times and after some months in quarantine in Miami. I say “real” because we actors are used to being in recreated settings but being in a real temple is something out of this world. The light, the breathtaking view to the blue Mediterranean Sea, the smell of the jasmine & eucalyptus trees, the green olive trees, and the lovely kind of mysterious wind, it all takes you back to ancient times. Grecotel Sounio is a magnificent hotel with a view right to the Poseidon Temple at Sounion, 50 miles outside Athens. It is majestic and looks like a temple itself and yet has the Greek simplicity. The sunset we Sexy One Shoulder Ruffle Evening Party Dress — Burgundy in this hotel and on the Sounion temple are something really out of this world and so inspiring. It has all that I love about Greece; the beautiful nature, views, colors, pure food and best hospitality, amazing ancient sites and lovely people. Greece has also almost all year round sunny days, even in winter, and the light in Greece is magic. You should try to at least visit once in your lifetime because it is unique and connects your Tweed Plaid Patchwork Office Dress — Black.

I was so excited to shoot there since this temple is one of my favorite of all and I have visited it since I was a small girl. The most beautiful thing of all though, was to come together again once more with our local Greek producer of the TV series “Lord of the Skies 7”, Elektra Apostolaki. Telemundo/NBC under the leadership of executive producer Marcos Santana together with producer Mariana Iskandarani and crew filmed several scenes in Greece as well and Sexy One Shoulder Ruffle Evening Party Dress — White was in charge for those. Last year we were part of a super production which brought 50 people from USA and Greece together.

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