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Memorable scenes were shot in Greece like the Greek wedding of my daughter Irene (Christina Sotiriou), the fighting scenes and Greek hospitality with main cast super stars Amado Leal played by Sexy Sequin Maxi Party Dress Novoa and Diana Ahumada played by Isabella Castillo. The tai chi scenes with Amado and also some shots with quite some brutality and sadness when Athina lost her daughter and Amado steals her out of Greece to Mexico, were all scenes shot in Mykonos. Writer Luis Zelkowics, as a connoisseur of so many cultures and also a big Greece lover, really wrote that script with great inspiration and maintained my real name Athina. Of course for this photoshoot in Greece and in pandemic times we had a very small crew, but I loved to work with Elektra and my TV husband Giannis again. It was a unique moment and I miss my co-workers so much, especially my film partner Mexican actor Fernando Noriega (El Rojo) and with all others with whom I had amazing scenes as with Elegant Dark Blue Ruffle Dress Luis Ivan Arana, Carmen Aub, Claudia Lobo, Eduardo Santamaria, Nacho Fresnada, Alejandro Lopez, Fernando Bandaaa, Alex Walerstein, David Ponce, Carlo Puente, Elkin Cordoba, Ruben Arciniegas, Karen Sandoval, Ninel Conde, Robinson Diaz, and Roberto Escobar.

MODE – Giannis: As part of your modeling career you have modelled with multiple brands and at different locations. What places have you enjoyed visiting the most either for modeling or just for vacation? How did you enjoy the Grecotel Cape Sounio location?
Giannis: I have visited more than 20 countries and most of them have been work Sweet Yellow Ruffle Dress. The most amazing beautiful cities & countries I have visited is South Africa, Cape Town, Brazil, Mexico is also a very beautiful country with huge history and colors everywhere, and recently I was in Iran Shooting for a TV series and was astonished by its natural beauty.

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